Stewart for the People

Read the articles if you missed this last week. Seriously it was some good stuff and there are many videos on Youtube that cover the situation. Personally, I watch CNBC and the Daily Show. Please tell me which one do I feel speaks the truth more often? Yes, God bless America. But thank you Cramer for standing up and doing the right thing.

Jon Stewart's scathing rebukes of the financial news network, one after another, on "The Daily Show" underline much of the public's anger toward Wall Street... And with that, the network now has the challenge of convincing the public that it's serving as a watchdog for investors, and not the establishment lapdog that it's seen to be.
Jon Stewart clarifies CNBC's conundrum -- MarketWatch

Jon Stewart's Jim Cramer interview was a pivotal moment -- not just for Stewart, Cramer, and CNBC but also for journalism. It was a bracing reminder of what great research and a journalist more committed to getting to the truth than to landing the big get -- and keeping the big get happy, and ensuring future big gets -- can accomplish.
Jon Stewart: Media Powerhouse or Rank Partisan? -- The Washington Post

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