Darius Goes West

Darius Goes West. One Year. One Million DVDs.

One of the greatest things you can do in your life is serve others. Time and money are great tools of service and Darius Goes West is one of those projects, you can't walk away from. Watch his story. Celebrate life. Donate.

"Darius Goes West is a documentary by Logan Smalley. It revolves around Darius Weems, a teenager with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, who, because of his disease, had never left his hometown of Athens, Georgia. Thus, in the summer of 2005, with the help of eleven young friends, 15-year-old Darius set off on a road trip across the United States with the ultimate goal of reaching Los Angeles in the hopes of appearing on MTV's show "Pimp My Ride". They traveled in an RV and tested wheelchair-accessibility in America during the course of their trip. They hoped to get Darius's old and worn-out wheelchair customized on the hit show." -- Wikipedia

Darius Goes West: The Vehicle

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