FRESH MUSIC: Free the Robots

"From Elsewhere comes Free the Robots, A balance of everything that is music. The Robot sound pays homage to the past with a drive for the future blending elements of Jazz, Hip Hop, Electronica, Bossanova, Experimental, Soul, Psychedelic, Rock, etc..." --

Two words, "totally awesome" - Yep, this is the kind of music I play at work to help me relax and get through the day in a funky groove. Plus its the kind of vibe that plays a huge part of my Pandora radio station (find the link on my blog).

What does it sound like?
Bonobo, Amon Tomin, Flying Lotus and many more! Okay, so its not original, but it definitely adds to the mix. Plus he's all over the place sample wise which is inspiring. "Jazzhole" and "The Brightest Hour (remix)" are my favorites so far.

Free the Robots Jazzhole

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