"Shook's outlook on music has changed. While almost dying twice, suffering from an acute form of severe pancreatitis, his life became an epiphany upon itself." "Inspired by timeless forces such as love, change and art and originates from early 80's synth-pop, disco, funk to anime and Sci-Fi OST's." Yeah, he had me at anime, but I also really dig the Daft Punk + Tron vibe.

The Shacks

Hailing from NYC, The Shacks are Shannon Wise and Max Shrager. NPR Music called them "Like floating in a delicious dream" and that is so fucking accurate. They got smooth Tennis like vocals and hints of that N.E.R.D. sound.

Future Funk Party Friday

Last Tuesday morning I ending up going down a nu disco funk hole on YouTube and figured I would share some of my favorites. The list features Ed Banger's Breakbot, The Internet, Tuxedo, Roosevelt and Khruangbin.

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