Austin Antoine

The last performer that I saw at my friend's Sofar Sounds DC show was Austin Antoine. He's Maryland born with astounding abilities spanning from singing soulful solos to conquering opposing rappers in a battle of wits. All claiming to be a creative and professionally broke.

"My goal is to progress the art-form of hip hop into something new and original for my generation."

Alexander Peters and Kat Somers

I went to a Sofar Sounds DC show at a friends house. The first of two acts were Alexander Peters. He's a Maryland based songwriter with a conviction towards his craft. His desire to resurrect the sounds of the past have taken his music down a long dirt road with a folk story at every turn. The second was Kat Somers who proclaims to write "sad songs" and spent the last year teaching herself how to record and produce her own music.

Bad Bad Hats

Bad Bad Hats is an indie rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band consists of Kerry Alexander, Chris Hoge, and Connor Davison. Named for a trouble-making character from the Madeline children’s books, Bad Bad Hats is defined by a balance of sweet and sour.

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