The Dark Knight - Best movie of the year... maybe decade

When was the last time you saw a movie this good or had this much fun in theaters? Jurassic Park? Seriously people, get your head on straight and ignore the fact that this is a comic book film because its bigger then that. Its not Ironman, but a REAL DEAL film. Give them the respect and honor it. They should win most of the awards this year. Not MILK, not Slumdog Millionaire and not Frost/Nixon.

"The year's biggest hit, the Batman blockbuster, "The Dark Knight," came in with strong awards buzz across the board but had only one nomination, supporting actor for Heath Ledger as the Joker."
`Button,' `Frost/Nixon,' `Doubt' grab 5 Globe noms -- Yahoo!

"The Dark Knight, which had been picking all the right endorsements in the run-up to the Oscars, failed to win over Golden Globe voters, earning just one nomination. Or, as many as Pineapple Express... As expected, The Dark Knight's Heath Ledger was nominated posthumously in the supporting actor category... As not expected, The Dark Knight didn't figure in anywhere else, not in the Best Drama race, not in the Best Director race."
Golden Globes Don't Shine on Dark Knight -- E-online

"Now that critics have gotten a peek at all the last-minute Oscar contenders, “The Dark Knight” has emerged as a solid contender for best picture and best director for Christopher Nolan."
Oscar ‘Knight’? Batman’s hopes look stronger -- msnbc

"Batman has a shot at an Academy Award for musical score, after all. The music branch committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has reversed an earlier decision that would have made "The Dark Knight" score ineligible to compete for the Oscar."
`Dark Knight' tuned in for Oscar score eligibility -- AP

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