Websites for Bored People:

F*** My Life is a website dedicated to people ranting about embarrassing moments in the their lives. You can even vote between agreeing with them, "I agree, your life is f***ed" or mocking them with a "You deserved that one." Its a good place for a laugh and yes, I'm probably going to hell.

Here are some samples, enjoy:

Today, I shook hands with a girl and held onto her hand while telling her she had very tiny, delicate hands. When I let go to look at them, I discovered she only had two fingers. FML

Today, I was going down on a girl. When I looked up she was texting. FML

Today, when I tried on a pair of pants at the mall, I asked the salesperson if I could have the next size up. She informed me that there wasn't a next size up. I have to LOSE weight to fit into the biggest pair of pants the store makes. FML

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