Dear Ms. Ann White

Okay so this was going to be about position trading but I couldn't find a decent video on YouTube where an idiot wasn't manipulating his data. Saying one thing and only showing us scenarios when it works. I've just started reading "Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom" and hopefully I'll remember to write a review when I'm done, but so far so good. His ideas center around setting and understanding your objectives, creating a REALISTIC system that works for your objectives and cutting your losses short and lettings your profits run. Seriously come talk to me about it. I'm 2 seconds short from moving to NY to work on Wall Street.

So... instead I'm reflecting on my life today. (Boring! You can stop reading now.)

Well Monday night, I went to see Mos Def at the 9:30 Club and thanks to Continental Airlines the show was delayed 3 hours (Yes you suck! Fly Southwest). The 6:30 show started at 9 and my 9:30 show started at 11:30. Minus the cold weather it was going to be an unusual night.

Well since I hate going to shows by myself, I invited the biggest Mos Def fan I knew. She'll be Ann White for today. She's the girl from your first year in college who you spent all your time with but nothing ever really happened. You were inspired by her, you were captivated by her and some could say you were in love with her but nothing ever happened. You just lost touch over the years.

Anyways, it's always good to catch up with old friends. It helps you see what's really important in life and how you have grown over the years. It's a fruit salad of mixed emotions, feelings, dreams and truths. Overall, it was a fun night. We grabbed a couple of drinks at the Velvet Lounge as we waited for the show to start. We were on the floor for the show and Mos Def even performed an extra hour. Unfortunately since it was a Monday night, the metro closed early and there are few cabs driving around DC at 3:30am, so I went back to Ann's place down the street. She heated Celeste's Vegetarian pizza and we chatted about our current relationships and college. I took a nap on the couch with the cats until 5:30 when I took the metro home. Yes, I did die the next day but it was a trip into a past life.

So what do I have to say about all of this? Life is good. That's why I'm writing this letter of encouragement! Ann, you have a job and a sweet pad with clean roommates. Your life interests and passions may have shifted and how you spend your time has changed but that's a part of growing up. There's a quote (I'm going to get this wrong) that says, "the dream of young men are not the same goals of old men." Time changes things and what you want to do changes. If you really want to reconnect with your college self, at the very least you can pick something that you were into back then and hold on tight. I think auditioning for plays is a great thing to do and if you get into one. I'll come see it.

So keep your head up and stay young. Stay beautiful.

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