Welcome to My Ever Expanding Universe

Okay, so this is the warning that things are changing. Well a little... Version 24 of my blog relates to my life as a 24 year old. If you haven't noticed... it says 25 now, because my birthday was Sunday. W00t! Good times, but before I get into the mess of things... let me tell you what is changing.

1. I'm only going to post three days out of the week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

2. My topics will be the same: music, art, t-shirt fashion, cartoons and things I find funny but... I will try and organize the topics for only certain days. So Friday won't be Video of the Week every Friday.

3. I may post multiple times in one day! Plus I may actually reflect on my life and actually blog. I know you love reading my crappy grammar.

4. I bought an iPhone so expect weekly photos from my daily adventures.

5. The theme this year is my goals to expand my career in film and video and to really figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Time is running out and its time to get serious. So I'm going to do new things and focus on specific skills in order to make them better. Also I'm looking into ACTUALLY starting a part time business. Maybe building iPhone Apps. This should be interesting, since I will be diving head first this spring.

So that is what you should expect from iHeaden Version 25 and those who track me on Facebook or other Reader websites do try and visit the page because sometimes links, videos or photos don't make it through the filter and my posting just doesn't taste the same without.

So back to the real world...

Because of a hectic political season, lack of sleep and a possible financial abyss of a future... I've been pretty bummed out. Spending more hours then usual playing Fable 2, which is a great game. So my GF and sister, threw me a surprise party on Saturday. Good times, thanks ladies. I'm glad everyone came out and I was even more happy that I didn't black out until I climbed into bed. The Good News, I got some nice clothes, I bought myself an iPhone (funny story behind that one) and I got to see all my friends that weekend. So it was a great time. My Bad News is that I was hungover for two days. Hungover like... I threw up on Sunday around 3 o'clock and went back to bed. Luckily, I was feeling good enough to go home for dinner which is always refreshing. Thanks Mom!

So things are good. I can't complain. Wish I could travel and visit my college buds. Missing you guys. The stock market is whack, APPL dropped below 90?! The holiday season is here and boy its cold outside. Stay warm people! Hug a homeless person today!

Peace & Love

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