"Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS) "got tired of being sexy" in Brazilian Portuguese), better known worldwide as CSS, is a Brazilian band from São Paulo. Their songs have an electroclash sound, like their first EP's, but also plays indie rock and synthpop songs. With the explosion of the New Rave scene the band was labeled as being part of; and are sung in both English and Portuguese."
CSS - Wikipedia

There is a lot of music out there that I find to be one hit wonders and CSS just has a great sound and a nice balance that plays with the new wave 80s feel but keeps you dancing cause its so fresh. "Move" is definitely my favorite song so far and people who love good music... you need to listen to music from outside the US!


Cut Copy does a pretty nice remix of the song too. If I was DJ'ing, I would so cross between the two.

CSS - Move (Cut Copy Remix)

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